True to their motto to wear perfection and quality on their sleeve, Sepoy & Co’s commitment to engineering brilliance not just for the tongue, but also for the eyes, has been rewarded. Sepoy’s fluted bottles, artfully designed in Norway by agency lssønBarbieri won the silver Pentaward in Brand and Bottle Design.

Sepoy has always been on a quest to find perfection. Be it the taste, the balance of our palette or the ingredients our mixers are made from, we have traveled the world to put together the richest of every element that goes into the making of a Sepoy drink.

But we couldn’t just stop after preparing our delicious mixers, we wanted to pour them out of bottles that looked like art themselves. Inspired by the Art-Deco style of architecture that shares a significant portion of India’s history and its waltz towards modernism, Sepoy’s bottles have been designed not just with care, but with the vision of reusability.

Our bottles are designed to minimize breakage during shipping. Further, their delicately indented surface gives them a novel look that makes these bottles stand out. Our customers have found for these bottles, second lives, where they are either repurposed as decorative items, used as containers and careers or simply to drink out of again and again.

For all the distance we have traveled to get bottles custom-designed whenever a client finds for these bottles a second purpose, it feels worthwhile. Even more rewarding has been the recognition that some of the best critics in design have shown to the company’s bottles. To us, this is just the beginning.