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In 2019, Sepoy & Co blazed a trail winning several awards for both design and taste. The year 2020, started not too differently. The latest addition to Sepoy’s family, the Original Ginger Ale, received the Superior Taste Award, by the International Taste Institute, Brussels, joining its compatriots on a podium already decorated by the brand’s history.

The Original Ginger Ale is one of our hero products and its fine texture, taste and premium sourced raw ginger ensures its peerless performance both as a mixer and a standalone beverage. The prestigious International Taste Institute in Brussels, has through their recognition, underlined this.

This year has obviously come with its challenges, both personal and professional. We have all braced through a new reality and found our little victories to celebrate. We are happy to have kept alive, Sepoy’s tradition of garnering recognition and rewards from around the world. It brings cheer to our faces and we hope, helps establish trust and respect in the Sepoy family, i.e. you.

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