We are a brand that values prestige. And for prestige to be so essential to the brand’s core value, what it creates and eventually offers its customer has to be the best. Prestige is created through pride, and it gave us immense pride and joy to win the Superior Taste Award, by the International Taste Institute, Brussels.

We have been on a journey to create a botanical, organic mixer that serves the Indian palette. But on our way to finding the right taste, what has always remained crucial is the authenticity and richness of each aroma, each flavour our range is made up of.

It is crucial to proportion flavours, balance aromas to the effect that neither is overplayed or come across as overbearing. While our mixers are perfect companions for alcoholic spirits, enriching every glass they enter, they are just as delicious to have on their own.

To enable variety, and a spectrum of taste, only the best, organic raw materials are used. From premium quality, African ginger to the best quality mint leaves our mixers to begin at the most organic of stages, as botanical specimens. Quite naturally, that authenticity and richness of flavour and taste come out in the final product.

Judged by a jury of expert Chefs and Sommeliers Sepoy & Co’s range of mixers was deservedly given the Superior Taste Award. The first, we believe of many to come.