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Our story started halfway between New Delhi and London, sipping G & T's in the air. That trip turned into an extensive tasting of Gin and Tonics (mostly Tonics) and a question - “Why?" Why are there no premium natural mixers available in India to mix with all the great Gin's we buy?

That is when we made up our mind and set out to create a world-class, premium adult soft beverage that is both 100% natural and can cater to the unique tastes of the Indian palate.

It took over a year of working with industry experts and distillers from across India and England, to finally be satisfied with a perfectly balanced Tonic water.

We are proud to introduce our Sepoy & Co. collection of Naturally Light Premium Mixers.

Using a unique blend of essential oils and spices with quinine and just the right amount of carbonation, our products are both the perfect accompaniment to your spirit, and can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone soft beverage.

Our tonics are crafted precisely to be naturally light, and all our products contain less than 5 grams of sugar, without compromising on the delicate balance of flavours.

Now expertly brewed in India, we follow the highest quality manufacturing & bottling practices, and all our products are free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives and colours.