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Fig & Thyme Gin Cocktail

Fig & Thyme Gin Cocktail

Turn your spirits into a flowery winter cocktail with a fresh fig, thyme and our very own Hibiscus tonic water.


50ml Vodka

20ml Lime juice

50ml Fig & Thyme Shrub

1 Cup Granulated Sugar

Sepoy&Co Hibiscus Tonic Water

Garnish Fresh Figs & Thyme Sprigs



For shrub, in a glass bowl combine figs, sugar, vinegar, and thyme. Stir and store overnight in a fridge. Strain and discard the figs and thyme.

For the cocktail, add crushed ice to a glass. Add the gin, lime juice, and shrub and stir. Add Sepoy's Hibiscus Tonic water and stir again. Garnish with figs and a sprig of thyme!


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